Well never to late to start back up

It’s been a while. 

A lot has happened since November of 2013. Some good things, some ugly things, but all things that brought about about a beautiful today. 

I’m going to get this back up and running, and for a while may just be a place to brain dump. But it will take shape and fall into a general theme I imagine. 

I’m getting ready to go to “Bradley Master Gunner School” and that is exciting as hell and nerve racking at the same time. A high attrition rate and my lack of previous experience has my confidence in a strange low that I’m not used to. The idea that others have seen the ability in me to take this on is comforting and makes me proud. 

I watched my godson grow so much this past year. And, his older siblings are turning into adults! I have come to the realization that I have neglected some relationships and used a busy schedule as an excuse. Identifying this was the first step. I’ll work to fix it now. 

As always my fitness goals change and I spent most of the year doing nothing but strength. This year that’s changing! I’m doing more endurance stuff and have some physique goals in the works. It’s exciting. 

Here’s a few pictures of life recently:

My IG usually gets a random post everyday: @silentshooting

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Broken and beaten
Lied to and cheated
Deflated but never defeated

I will rise in victory
Leaving you, delusory
You’ll only find misery

A great life I will find
When I leave your ass behind
Surely you must be blind.

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So my buddy has a heart murmur.


May not be a big deal at all, may be the biggest deal ever we have to see another vet before I’ll know.


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Just thought I’d share. I have to remind myself of this all the time. However I never say it out loud… Don’t want the universe to take it as a challenge.

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Would you change something?

I’ve never arrived anywhere by taking the path others would have liked for me to. Even when I received good advice, that’s all it was. I wound up making my decisions and inherently my mistakes and learning from them why the “right way” is or at least how many other ways there were to do something. I cannot regret my various adventures and journeys but i do regret some of the decisions I have made. Not so much making them, but the reason for which I made them. I feel like the same decision made for different reasons can create different paths.

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Waiting for the unknown

Waiting for something to happen is stupid. If it’s something you can directly do/cause/influence then you should just do it. If it isn’t, quit worrying about it and spend your time on other endeavors!

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Complacency kills

Not just a saying in the Army. When soldiers get complacent they don’t fulfill their requirements with the diligence needed to ensure mission completion. The enemy, has a way of striking at exactly those times.
In other facets of life that do not have an enemy, mundane tasks that are overlooked or undervalued carry with them a carelessness that may or may not be intended. Relationships suffer if not tended to regularly, repairs on vehicles winds up costing much more than maintenance. And business fail to thrive if not diligently stoked with energy.

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